FunTube Monetorization Policy

Have at least 1,000 subscribers
Reach 4,000 public hours watched in the past 12 months
Have a Bank Account so that Money can be transferred.
Sign and agree to the terms and conditions of the program
Get your channel reviewed and approved

In order to get actually paid by FunTube, you’ll have to reach a balance of at least $100.
for you to get paid by FunTube.

What Will Happen If I Don’t Get 1000 Subscribers and 4000 Hours Watch Time in One

You’ll not be able to earn money with your channel on FunTube.

What Happens After I Get 1K Subscribers on FunTube?

Well, regarding profitability, nothing. If you reach the 1,000 subscribers mark,
some things happen, but you still have to reach the other milestones we cited above
for you to start earning money with your videos.
By only reaching the 1K subscribers milestone, here’s what happens:

You get a congratulatory email from FunTube
You become part of the FunTube Club
Reaching the 1K mark will probably take some time. But the key factor for getting
there perhaps would be persistence, among other things.

Put effort into your content. Make sure your videos are well edited, have good lighting,
competent audio and video quality, etc
Don’t use a channel’s name that is already the name of another famous channel/person.
Add important keywords as tags to your videos.
Engage with your audience by liking and responding to comments and other messages.

How Does FunTube Pay You?

You get paid through Wiring or Money Transfer or By Money Order. There, you’ll be able to
accumulate the money in your account based on the number of views and clicks
that are coming in through the ad placements in your videos and FunTube page.

However, you can only direct deposit the money to an account of your choosing
once you reach $100 or more in your balance.

If you count “getting paid” as getting money into an account of your choosing
(and consequently, being able to spend it), then no. You have to wait for your
balance to reach $100 so that you can transfer your money.

However, if your video promotes any kind of content that FunTube doesn’t see as
fit for ad placements, your content will be demonetized, or in some cases, taken < >out of the platform, making you unable to earn any money.

Some things that can get your content on FunTube demonetized are:

Copyrighted or duplicated content

Hate speech

Sexualized content

Cyberbullying or harassment

Content containing use of violence or drugs

Spam or scam activities

If your video goes viral but it contains any of the types of the content cited br>above, it most likely won’t be able to earn any money.